Elena Ershova at M.T.M, Brasov

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Between 18 – 22 November 2018 Elena Ershova, EVS volunteer in the project Friends of the environment!, co-founded by Erasmus + programe, had participated on the MTM training, organized by ANPCDEFP in Brasov. Photos of the event are available on organization Facebook Page.
“The MidTerm Evaluation Meeting allows volunteers to assess their experience so far and to reflect on the activities, role and support of the Hosting Organisation and on their own contribution. The MidTerm Evaluation is essential for risk prevention and crisis management and it thus facilitates conflict resolution - if necessary! In addition, volunteers share experiences and increase their motivation.”(www.erasmusplus.ro)

Unexpectedly and quickly flew 6 months or half of my project! For three days together with other volunteers we reflected, analyzed and talked about future plans. It was nice to meet those with whom I met at the first training, and it was even more pleasant to meet new wonderful volunteers. Three days passed quickly, but managed to fill me with energy and give a lot of new emotions.  
More about the training you can read very soon on Elena Ershova`s blog.