Everything depends on ourselves

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I have a small tradition-at the beginning of each new year to sum up the results of last year. So today I will share with you the results of 2018.

For me this year was one of the most unusual. He was generous with surprises and filled with a lot of spontaneous decisions.

2018 I started, going on a little trip, maybe that's why I travel all year.

- New year's eve with my girlfriend and take  the suitcase. Birthday in Jordan and meeting interesting people.

- Competitions in bullet shooting, where I had the chance to met beautiful and open minded people. It seems to be a competition where everyone works for himself, we are rivals, but it was not so. I saw and felt the support of each them.

- The best and unforgettable concerts, to which I was invited as a presenter or actor. That was great! To see a new self in different roles is always priceless.

- Countless number of cool sports events in the company of the best coaches, athletes and sports workers of Ust-Vym district and the Republic of Komi – all thanks to my work.

- Warm March and the third country in my piggy Bank. Turkey was very hospitable and open. I will definitely come back!

- Basketball. New opportunity. Old injury. Interesting person. Unexpected discovery. My favorite game will always go with me through life.

- Sincere meetings with old, but the best friends. I really miss these people right now.

- Opening new horizons, talents and abilities.

- Important decision in life. Fourth country. Crazy experience.

- Meeting Of the new 2019 in Romania. Maybe this is fate?

My year was really very unusual and interesting. I want to SAY thank you 2018 for the people, emotions, knowledge, changes and for the boundless happiness in my life!

Come on, 2019, don't let me down!

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