Extracurricular activities in Reformed College

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On April 5, our team was present in the Reformed College in the town St. George at the invitation of Mrs. Nagy Mónika biology teacher, where during a full day conducted environmental education activities for 127 students. Photos from the event are available on the Facebook page of the association.

The activities held by our organization was part of the Green Days, organized by the college for the ninth consecutive time. During these days participate all students of the school, where important is teamwork and developing the spirit of belonging to a community. We frequently encounter a lack of ecological education, that is the reason why program designers consider important to educate children in this still from at early age. Wednesday college students were waited in the meeting room where the class X has had to make a virtual menu of a restaurant, the only criterion being the development of healthy menus. Students among others learned that vegetables, fruits are more easily digested by human organism than ordinary foods, contain fewer calories and at the same time fill us with a lot of energy.
In the second part of the class the students were divided into groups and within the time allowed had to prepare a board game for children aged 6 - 12 years, whose main purpose is children's awareness on the importance of water.
Pupils from V and VI participated in an interactive contest called Champions of the waters. Championship goal was to attract the attention of children on water as an essential element of life.
Green Sun Association thanks in this way too for teachers of the Reformed College of Saint George for the invitation.