Final Russian lesson

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Today, 15.04.2019 was the last lesson of the course "Fundamentals of the Russian language - 15 hours." It was difficult, interesting, exciting and very exciting in the same time! But  let's take everything in order. I am the first Russian volunteer of Green Sun Association and I had the great honor and the great chance to show the locals all the charm of the Russian language.

Considering my basic English...I can only imagine how hard it was for those who attended the classes, I'm not afraid to say this as the  author's course! Not only that people came to learn an unfamiliar language, but also the teacher barely speaks English! And I'm glad they weren't scared and stayed with me till the end.

Every Monday for three months we learned for 1.5-2 hours. During this time we were able to get acquainted, and learn: alphabet, numbers, colors, directions, some verbs/adjectives/nouns, basic colloquial phrases and much more necessary. I don't know what's going on in my students  heads, but I'm not jealous! English can not give a complete representation and notation of all Russian words, sometimes examples of Hungarian were much more accurate and correct, and it's great when you can use to understand the combination of words and definitions from different languages!

On the final lesson students watched a short video about a trip to St. Petersburg using familiar words and after they watched  the fairy tale "turnip" in Russian.

At the end shangi, sweet pie, hot tea and handmade souvenirs were given to participants, which I hope, pleased my new friends.

Here it is-the finish line! Photos from the event are available on the association's Facebook page.

Author: Elena Ershova