First Days in my new EVS shoes !

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It is the this first article of the my blog, so I need to tell you what happen to me in the past 3 days. Traveling 2647 klm (from La Rochelle to Kézdivásárhely) I'm from a city near the ocean. To get my plane, I had to go to Paris. It's 500 klm from my city, I took the hight speed train (TGV). When I arrived at the train station in Paris, it started to rain (because the weather in Paris is always bad !) I took the bus (because the metro have to many step and I had a big luggage) and I arrived at « jardin du luxembourg ».

A good friend live here and she welcomed me for the night. At 6 in the morning, without making too much noise, I went out to take another bus to the airport. It's a long way from the center of Paris (two hours). When I arrived in Bucharest I met Melissa, the other EVS who come from Austria. We started to discuss. We had to wait until two in the morning for Clara (the last EVS). We spend 11 hours in the airport. If you want a touristic tour of the Bucharest airport, I can show you secret passage! We arrived at 6 in the morning in our new home. It was very nice to see the welcome card in the apartment, and it make me feel welcomed and awaited in this place.

First Days in Romania After the trip, we had some time to rest and sleep. We started to know each other between EVS. A volunteer of the organization showed us the important places as: the supermarket, the market for fresh fruit and vegetable, bar with live music, the office of the organization. I'm am very curious so I'm raring to start the Hungarian lesson to understand people around me ! We had some time to fill our fridge and to unpack our suitcase. Tomorrow, we will meet at the office to organize the press conference about our project.

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