First impression of the city

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I want to tell you about my first impression of the city and Romania. My name is soso, I have a master's degree in social and political science I always wanted to be a volunteer and have this great experience   I am from a small beautiful country Georgia, and I always love journeys and this kind of thinks. two months ago I decided to change something in my life and I come there Romania, Târgu Secuiesc. What is more, volunteering is something I see as an opportunity to advance in my career as I will have new experiences about managing different tasks and people, and operating in different cultural, social, and economic environments.

It is also an opportunity to have new experiences, make new connections, work with different people, and acquire practical knowledge and skills.
when I first saw this city, I was thinking it looks like a small part of Georgia because they have the same nature, green areas, small houses, and kind and helpful people around you. so many football stadiums and sports centers. I already love this city. During these two weeks, this place became for me not only a temporary but a real home.

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