Five days of torture

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From 20th to 24th of September in 2021 we had an On Arrival Training (OAT). For reasons beyond our control, that is the fourth wave of Coronavirus, our training was online.

 All the new ESC volunteers of Romania participated in this training. Heal the earth, reloaded edition project participants Lilit Arakelyan, Davit Mamulyan and Nane Sahakyan took part in this training with the other volunteers. There were more than 50 participants and we were separated into groups. In our groups there were representatives from Armenia, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Germany, Slovakia, France. Our group has 2 trainers.

Unfortunately, our training was online and we can't meet other people and spend 5 days in front of the screen.

On the 1st day, we talked about solidarity. On the second day, we had learned about “ESC actors”, “CIGNA”, “Volunteer, National Agency”, “Mentor and mentorship”. The third day was dedicated to Romania and its culture. We learned a lot about history, culture, famous people and much more. We also learned about other cultures during group sessions.

In the end, we talked about the personal development plan and summed up all training time, what we understood. This was the final evaluation of the training.

Both for all the participants and for me the online seminar was bad because we did not see each other, could not talk to each other. I hope that the next seminar will be offline and we can finally meet each other.

Author: Lilit Arakelyan