Gallop across Europe or hitchhiking is a delicate matter.

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Hello dears!

Today, I will write about a strange but interesting trip.

I will start with the fact that I did not went alone, but with a volunteer from Armenia - Alen. On Friday, January 25, we started our trip at 8 am in the direction of Brasov. The weather was overcast, but not rainy. I will not describe the details of our journey, I will show the route in the cities and I will stop at the most important areas: Târgu Secuiesc - St. George (in tranzit) – Brasov (in tranzit) - Făgăraş (visit).

Făgăraş was the first little stop in our trip. The sun was shining and we decided to walk around the city and came across a castle, of which in Romania are countless. We went through all the corners, took a few photos and moved on.

Făgăraş (visit) - Sinaia(in tranzit) – Drăgășani(sleep overnight).

We spent 30 lei (due to inexperience) for the day to travel. We just hitchhiked. The maximum waiting time of the car-40 minutes, the minimum-0 minutes.

Drăgășani. The city in which we have friends who gladly sheltered us for the night, fed and amused us.

On January 26, the weather turned bad... It was raining on that morning. Alen feet became very vet. 

Drăgășani(overnight) - Craiova(in tranzit) - Drobeta-Turnu Severin (drove to the border with Serbia)

I will stop at the border of Romania and Serbia. We were lucky that the driver of the car we caught was driving in the direction of Timisoara just on the road that we needed to get to the border. We expected to cross the border on foot, but there it was: It's forbidden! But, a kind man agreed to take us across the Danube for 5 euros. The adventures between crossing the border and Belgrade I will not tell, but I will say that dry socks, which put on packages, and on top of damp socks and shoes - pretty good warm the legs (according to Alen). 

To Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, we drove along an incredibly beautiful road along the Danube, saw the statue of Decebal and the narrowest and widest part of the Danube. But the coolest thing is that we went to Belgrade. Is called - a dream come true. We went with a huge truck, through without cargo, and it was cool! Cool uncle-trucker gave us  coffee, drove to Belgrade, told where and how to get to the center...In General - we were lucky.

On January 26, we spent 5 euros for crossing the border and, if memory serves me well, 10 euros for the hostel.

The hostel in Belgrade where we stayed was the scariest and dirtiest place in which I had to sleep in for a fee. To be honest, I do not even want to remember...For the price you could find something decent and cozy, but it was neither the strength nor the time.

Belgrade. Capital of Serbia. 27 Jan. Morning.

Not sleepy and clean, we went to see the first of the main cities from our route. Aimlessly wandered around the old and new center, stopped, admiring the monuments and vlandscapes of the beautiful city.

Belgrade I remember the similarity of the language, the variety of products in the store, the local currency and the friendly Serbian trucker.

Here we faced with the first difficulty - where is the track on which you can catch a car in the direction of  Bosnia and Herzegovina, and how to get to this route. We didn't find answers to these questions, but found the station from which we could leave by the night bus to Sarajevo.

The fare I will not be able to specify, because I did not saved the ticket and the memory of the maiden, but at the end of the story will share the total amount spent.

Sarajevo. The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 28 Jan. 5: 30 in the morning.

We arrived in the city of the 1984 Olympics early in the morning. No local money. Decided to go to the center on foot. As it turned out, the idea was so-so, because we came to the outskirts of the city. Thanks to the couple who suggested how to get to the center and gave money for travel.

Exchanged some money in the Bank and went to McDonald's for Breakfast. Responsive staff, a huge bill and a dead feeling of hunger finished off the rain, which began and did not stop until our departure from the city.

The city reminded me of St. Petersburg-the river and many bridges. Interesting architecture.  The market building is more like a theater building. In General, I was in Sarajevo, but I did not see the famous bobsleigh track...have to go back.

At the beginning of the third day we had a bus to Podgorica.

Podgorica. Capital of Montenegro.

We arrived in the capital of Montenegro on January 28 in the evening. Immediately we searched for a bus to Niš (city in Serbia) so we can calculate our time.

We stayed in a nice hostel for 6 euros per person. We slept well.

In the morning of January 29, we went to explore Podgorica. The city is incredibly beautiful!  Perhaps, this is the city, in which I would like to live! Many people speak Russian. On the street +12. All green. River. In General, not city, but a fairy tale. However, the prices are fabulous. All in euros. And it's not cheap at all...

Monument to Alexander Pushkin, Vladimir Vysotsky and still very, very many attractions.  And it's a good thing that we did not go to Budva to the sea, otherwise I would not be able to go back to Romania.

We took the night bus to NIS.

30 Jan. Serbia. Nis.

We did not walk around the city of NIS. First, the money was running out. Secondly, bus to Kladovo, we had very little time.

From Kladovo almost ,without problems we reached Drobeta-Turnu-Severin by hitchhiking. A great man drove us to the road to Craiova and there we met another great man who took us to Craiova.

Thanks to volunteers in the cities of Romania we spent the night in a volunteer house, in warmth and comfort. And on January 31 at 5 a.m. the train moved towards home...for hitchhiking we had neither the strength or the desire.

Summing up: full route: Târgu Secuiesc - St. George(in tranzit) - Brasov(in tranzit) - Fagaras(visit) - Sinaia(in tranzit) - Dragasani(overnight) - Craiova(in tranzit) - Drobeta-Turnu Severin(drove to the border with Serbia) to Kladovo(visit) - Belgrade(overnight) - Sarajevo(visit) - Podgorica(overnight) - NIS(in tranzit) - storage(not stopping) - Drobeta-Turnu Severin(in tranzit) - Craiova(overnight) - Brasov(ate at up-To) - Târgu Secuiesc.

 2 times we spent the night in hostels, 2 times-at friends volunteers, 2 times - in the bus.

I spent on accommodation, food and travel - about 160 euros.

This is how volunteers of long-term projects spend their vacation days: 7 days, 4 countries, 3 capitals and 160 euros.

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