Gelence, a recycling beat!

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This morning the Green Sun Association went back to Gelence for visiting Jancsó Benedek Elementary School. This time, we spent the morning with children, trying to learn something new about recycling having a good fun in the same time. We started the morning with the game "Lets recycling" that we made several weeks ago, about recycling. Photos from the school are available on the Facebook page of the association.

More than 30 children could discover how to recycle all the different type of garbage that we carry. Now they can separate the home wastes in the properly way in all their homes. After that game, we went out from the classroom because the weather allowed us to make some outdoor activities, and the children all the time are very excited with the idea of play some games in the yard. We made 2 sportive games which served to clear the ideas and have a good fun all together. After the sport games, was time to come  again into the class and finish the activity, this time only with the bigger ones. We teach them some funny games with the green-cards, doing a lot of laughs all together. We hope that today they learned something new about recycling and environment, to help create among all a better world. Was a nice day and we hope to come back soon.

Author: Enrique de paz Miguel

Photo: Ráduly Attila