Green Program at the Women’s Association’s Board Meeting

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On May 17th the Kézdi-Orbai Diocese’s Women’s Association organized a board meeting, which took place at the cultural center of Ikafalva. As a reaction for the kind invitation from the part of the Association’s president, Bardócz Tímea, the Green Sun Association participated at the event. Photos made at the event are available at the Association’s facebook page.

The activities included craft workshops, where participants had the opportunity to prepare simple, creative products by using different methods of recycling. On this occasion, with the support of the Greens, members of Women’s Association have prepared brooms from used PET bottles and wallets from milk boxes. The main objective of this activity was to raise awareness amongst the participants on the importance of recycling. At the event it was accentuated that besides recycling, we can make other steps as well, in order to save our environment, such as: we can try to reduce the number of persistent (nylon) packaging materials in our environment, we can replace them with recycled paper bags!

Author: Ráduly Attila Translated by Péter Csilla