A fun week at OAT

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From 20.11.22 to 25.11.22 the Romanian National Agency organized OAT (On-Arrival Training) for ESC volunteers across the country.The trainers Tromppy (Elena)  and Andra Tanase were very kind and entertaining. Every day they brought new knowledge and high energy to the training.

The first day was a day of introductions. Each ESC volunteer introduced themselves in turn. There were ESC volunteers from all over Europe. It was great! It was great to meet the volunteers participating in the training and get to know them.

The next day we talked with the volunteers in training about our cultures, hobbies, dreams, mentors and the project we are currently involved in.The trainers also provided information on important topics such as volunteering, our rights and responsibilities Groups were formed for some activities (dreams, what we want to do and cultural presentation etc.) and we talked among ourselves. It made it easier for us to get to know each other. The trainers also gave detailed information about Cigna and I think this was necessary because most of the volunteers who attended the training did not know much about it.

After the third day, together with the ESC volunteers who participated in the training, we learned about the culture, sights and dances of Romania. Detailed information about Youthpass was given by the trainers.

On the last day, Everyone who participated in the training prepared their breakfast Of course this was done online. Everyone participating in the training prepared breakfast according to their own culture. In addition, everyone who participated in this training made explanations about our qualifications with photo support. This training was very educational. I made many new friends and gained a lot of knowledge.

Author : Gülcan BABIR