“Happy and healthy” with “Green Sun” Association

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On the 4th of September, 2021, in Kézdivásárhely, in Molnár Jozsiás Park took place an interesting event called “Potato festival”. There were 10 teams, and one of them was “Green Sun” Association’s team. Besides the local members there were also participants from two Caucasian countries, such as Armenia and Georgia. As Transylvania is famous for its Potato’s lands, the main goal of the festival was to show how many different dishes can be made from potato.

This year for the appetizer we cooked staffed potato, in which we used ham, tomato, cheese, mixed greens and some spices. And some staffed potatoes without ham for vegetarians. For the main dish we had “Tokany” the Hungarian dish from chicken, two types of paprika, potato, onion and some spices, which was served with Cabbage salad. And for the desert we had “Sweet Suns” with mashed potatoes, sugar powder, vanilla, eggs, flour and it was served with  Armenian mountain honey and sugar powder on it.

As the majority was young participants, the slogan of the “Green Sun” Association in this festival was “Happy and Healthy”, they decorated the tent with different funny memes and pictures related to potato, (You can see the photos on the “Green Sun” Association’s Facebook page).

Jury tasted and thanked to “Green Sun” Association’s members (Ráduly Attila, Balogh Ákos, Salome Pirtskhelava, Heal the Earth, reloaded edition ESC volunteers from Armenia). They mentioned the uniqueness of the dishes, and at the end of the event they gave to the “Green Sun” Association the prize for young and innovative approach to this event.

Author: Davit Mamulyan