Hiking to Bodoc Mountains

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Continuing past years` traditions, Green Sun Association organized trekking for its members and for nature lovers on 27 May 2018. During the 11,6 km long trip, hikers explored the Bodoc Mountains, situated among the plains of River Olt and Feketügy. For more photos please visit the association`s Facebook page

Following the "blue triangle" trail from Csernáton to Mocsar, participants could enjoy the picturesque view of the Barot Mountains and benefit from the positive impacts of doing sport and spending quality time in nature.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), walking and trekking are among the healthiest sports to do. It is a full recreation to mind, body and soul; once you experienced it, you can easily get addicted to it.

Sponsor: Erasmus +

Photo: Beck Orsolya and Balázs Attila