How I met Friday

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Today is Friday, the most favorite day of mine. From kindergarten I knew that Friday is the end of the week, being far away from home, from family... and there were coming sweet weekend with mam, dad, grandparents, brother, and a home... full, with a lot of people called family members... I’m almost in the middle of the project and if someone asks if I miss anything from Georgia, I would answer: - mom and khinkali the same time (khinkali is a traditional food).

Good to share feelings regarding the home, but I’m going to speak about my new friend called Joseph. We met today and work together for a few hours, outside, in a very cold environment, but he made my very cold day into a warm and ever rememberable episode of my life for the future. We had a very interesting conversation. Mostly about life and politics ( ah, my favorite one) and he was sharing his own coffee, prepared by his mother and he was pouring it in every half an hour from the thermos to warm me in that cold windy weather.

And the way, back home, I was thinking about Friday, about home and then I discover ...  Home is everyone with whom you feel good and cared; home is everywhere you feel welcome.

Salomushka :)

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