Human in nature - Photo contest

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The Green Sun Association is announcing its photo contest, this year for the 8th consecutive year. Now the theme of the photo contest is Human in nature and from the winning photos the Green Sun Association will make a calendar for the year 2015. The photos already sent can be viewed on the following gallery.

The aim of the photo contest is to make people aware of the close relationship between the humans and nature trough the photos of the contestants. We are waiting photos what had been made in different family trips, or on trips organized between friends when you had captured beautiful landscapes, etc. The visibility of the photo contest and the implementation of it can be viewed on webpage. The photos can be send till October 31. After the photo contest is closed a 4 member team of juries will evaluate them. The photos must have minimum a 1280×720 resolution and must be send to the following email address On the photo contest everybody can participate, without any age limit, who accept the rules of the contest. The contestants declare by sending the photos, that the photos are made by them and by sending the photos they are give up the copyright of the photos. When the contestants are applying they are asked to send their name, address and phone number so they can be contacted. The transferred dates are treated with confidentiality. The organizers are maintaining their right to exclude those photos what are not in the field of the contest. The results of the contest will be available in November with previous announcement about it. The exhibition will be held in the Vigadó cultural house and the name of the winners will appear on the website of the organizer too. The creators of the most beautiful photos will be rewarded with diplomas and the following prices: I.price: embossment made by Mr. Vetró András II.price: web-camera, GSA gift pack III.price:

GSA gift pack Sponsor: City Council of Covasna County, Niko Co , Erasmus +

Author: Ráduly Attila Poster: Sebestyén Henrietta