Journey from Turkey to Romania

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I carefully chose the place where I will volunteer and the project topic. Because the right energy harmony  it needs a place and a subject that I can really love. green sun assication is just right. It has the location and project I was looking for. I spend time with Romania with its lush nature and many children. plenty of time to spend. It's perfect!

I had to travel a long way from Turkey to come to Targu Secuiesc. I took lots of winter clothes and also summer items since I will be in Romania for 1 year. But the winter here is very cold, gloves and a hat are a must. :D If you are in season, dress accordingly. I've been here for almost a week. I love it here. It's a natural wonder. Where I am It's a small city so I can walk everywhere. I walk the streets every day.
I'm discovering new things. The locals here are friendly and helpful. The city is small but it has many things: markets, shops, etc.

Even though I just came, I visited the chemistry museum with my mentor. It was very nice.It is located in a historical building. While walking on the street, you can come across a historical building at any time. My volunteer friends and coordinator are very good people. They help with everything. It makes me so happy.

I am alone in the flat I am staying in, but another volunteer (Sinem) from Turkey will come and We will stay together. I am eagerly waiting for her to come. The view from my apartment is beautiful. I can see the mountains and the forest in the distance. Because I like to wake up early in the morning,It is very peaceful to see the foggy mountains from my window. It will be beautiful. Every season has its own beauty here.That's all from me for now. See you on the next blog.

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