Kézdivásárhely carnival

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 Kézdivásárhely held a carnival last month, it was the closing of winter where people were dancing and singing, and everybody was wearing masks and carnival clothes. 

There were only two horse-drawn carriages at this traditional event, which has been organized for many years. One was full of members of our Green Sun association team and the other with Members of the Three Star Enseble first rode in a horse-drawn carriage for two laps around the square.  After the burning of the effigy, dances were performed by the Burusnyan folk dance troupe from Gelence and the Sons of Idols from Torja.

We celebrated the closing of winter a bit early because it is still very cold :) We started walking in the square and suddenly, we didn't notice how "two grandmothers"  tried to put black coal on our faces, which is their tradition. They only painted my face and Mariam Evanesyan's (our Armenian volunteer's) face. We were painted a lot :) and we went to a cafe where we continued to have fun with the musicians. One of the musicians tried to sing a Turkish song for me when he realized that I am Turkish. He was a very nice uncle even though it was hard for me to understand that the song was in Turkish because of his accent.

As the singing and dancing continued, we were served hot wine, plum liquor, and bread and butter. We formed a circle and danced and took pictures. In the meantime, the children with black coal tried to again paint on my face, but I managed to escape nicely. And actually, once they painted on my face I didn't know that I wouldn't be painted if I didn't wipe it off when they painted, but it was a very nice festival and we had a lot of fun.

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