The last bike ride of the 2020 season

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On September 12, the Green Sun Association organized the last bicycle tour of the 2020 season on the Nemira green road. Photos taken during the event are available on the Facebook page of the association.

On Saturday morning, in front of the Polyvalent Hall from Târgu Secuiesc, 24 young people gathered, who started following the C markings to Ruseni at the Fortyogo mineral water spring. From here they cycled to Catalina, Ghelința, Baia Nadika being the final destination of the tour. In the summer of 2017, a ten-day “volunteering activity” was organized in Ghelinţa commune, whose objective was to rehabilitate the baths with mineral waters. A significant amount of timber, approx. 55 m3 of plank and wood was used.

The experience of the association's volunteer team proves for years that groups of friends and companies are formed due to the bicycle tours. Cycling offers excellent recreation, an opportunity to practice a sport and physical and mental recharging for participants, so the association continues to organize thematic activities in the future, including new programs.
The association's cycling programs for 2021 will be communicated on the organization's website, where those who wish to join these events can apply.

Sponsor: Bethlen Gábor Foundation

Author: Ráduly Attila

Photo: Straua Medárd