Look around!

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Have you ever thought besides what/ where you walk every day? Or what is behind the street? What opportunities can give to you a simple daily walk.

If you know or you want to explore deeper the city, paying attention to every little detail, then weexpect you Sunday, August 28th between 14 to 17 hours behind the statue Gábor Áron (Youth Square) at Green Sun Association team. Join and play in Look around you game! In the mean time we waiting you with green games too.

Duration of program: 10-15 minutes

We wait for circles of friends, families; number of participants in a team: 2-3 people

For registering you can call in advance at phone 0766.611066 or you can do at the place of the game. Be careful and perform all the exercises. The best team in the end will receive a surprise gift.