Magic of the forest photo contest

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The Green Sun Association announces their photo contest for the 11th time. Topic for the competition is "The magic of the forest". Using the winner photos, a wall calendar will be made for 2020. You can check the competitors' photos in the following album on the association's Facebook page.

Aim of this contest is to raise awareness to the always changing, magical features of our surroundings, show the beauty of the flora and fauna, the regenerative capacity and community-building ability of our forests. Last, but not least, to invite people to go for a pleasant walk in the nature, to be a part of the magic of the forest in every season. The association is waiting for photos in the following topics: natural heritage of national parks, landscapes, waterfalls, compositions, forests, flowers, plants, mushrooms, moss. Everyone can participate in the contest, regardless of age, place of residence, who accepts the conditions of  the competition. Only own photos can be sent, that were made by the attendants themselves, and they have to be liable that the photos do not violate others' copyrights. The data you submitted will be treated confidentially, we won't give it to a third party. The issuer reserves the right to exclude photos out of the contest, which don't match the topic requirements

Deadline for submission: 5st of November, 2019. You can send maximum 3 photos, only electronically to the e-mail address; the minimum resolution should be 1280×720. The submission should contain the following besides the photos: Name, place of residency, and phone number. After the deadline, a professional jury of 4 members will decide about the winners. Announcement of the results will be in November, 2019. We will make sure to notify the participants and the public in time. Names of the winners can be seen on our website and Facebook page.

We will award the best photos with a diploma with the contestant's name on it, plus:

I. prize: 300 RON

II. prize: Green Sun gift pack

III. prize: Green Sun gift pack

Sponsors: Niko Ltd, Communitas Foundation, European Solidarity Corps