New beginnings

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My name is Sinem Tosun. I am one of the new ESC volunteers of the Green Sun Association.

Leaving everyone I know behind and starting from scratch in a place I have never been before, and on top of that, before I came here, my foot was broken and I was recovering and I was worried that I would have difficulties because I didn't speak English. Even though it's only been a few days since I've been here, I feel much better now.

My favorite thing about this place is the importance of nature and silence, sleeping quietly at night and waking up in the morning to the sound of birdsong gives me a good rest, my roommate Gülcan Babir supports me a lot. Mariam Evanesyan, they ask questions to improve my English, our coordinator Ráduly Attila explains it to me over and over again, they try to help me when I can't do it. Márton Fanni-Bíborka sent me the first welcome message, he is very friendly, he suggested me some English apps and I started to learn vocabulary faster. Today I tried to play table tennis for the first time and my first attempts failed. A local tried to teach me, finally I started to learn new things, soon I will join my Hungarian classes and I had a chance to visit this place, everything is very close, there are natural beauties and many historical places. 

I believe that this is how people develop, by seeing new places, tasting new flavors, meeting new people, developing new skills and most importantly getting to know yourself better, I wish everyone a good and new beginning.

Sinem Tosun

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