Our first sunrise

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I want to tell you about my first sunrise with my new friends. It was the first time I got up so early willingly. As it turned out it wasn’t vainly. We were sitting on stones at the seaside, and the balmy sea breeze was playing with my hair tooking away all my secondary thoughts along with the waves.  And here it is. It’s outlines were visiable on the other side of horizon.

It weared his lilac dressings which then got pink, yellow, ruby red and at the end it became dazzing gold. You could see all the gradient of emotions: sadness, contemp, maybe even scorn, harmony and at the end of this ranging emotions it showed us it’s happiest and brightest side. It seems like she was reliving  all my spector of  emotions with me.

The harmony has came, and only birds at times was interapting that idyll greeting and relishing the new day. We didn't utter a sound, but one thing could be clearly seen in the eyes of each of us. gratitude to the new day. 

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