Our National Heritage - Memorial Trees from Háromszék

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The Bod Peter High school from Kézdivásárhely is continuating his project started last year , named Our National Heritage - Memorial Trees from Háromszék, with the financial support of the Kovászna County Council and the Pro Schola Foundation.

The project aim is to identify, discover, analyze the situation of the memorial trees in our county and mark them with a memorial table. Recording to the plans of the project we are trying to identify those trees, what were planted 118 years before to commemorate the Millennium and 2 years later for the memory of queen Elisabeta. Placing the memorial tables are quite important because this way we are showing to the young generation and to our community the living treasures from hour history. Our project partners are: Kelengye Association, Green Sun Association, the Women Association from Kézdivasarhely and Gábor Áron scout team nr. 34. On the place of the trees we are waiting for everybody to listen our musical and poetry moments with the following program: 2014.October 24. Gidófalva 8.00 clock Center Oltszem 8.40 clock The Garden of Mikó castel Nagybacon 9.35 clock Csinódi-Gecse pine wood Bodos 10.15 clock reformed church Magyarhermány 11.00 clock Erzsébet hill Bibarcfalva 12.10 clock reformed church Barót 13.00 clock Baptist and catholic church Bardóc 16.00 clock reformed church Erdőfüle 16.35 clock reformed church Székelyszáldobos 17.05 clock Center - private house Vargyas, October 25.-10.00 clock Millennium Parc 2014. October 26. Felsőrákos 9.10 16.00 clock Unitarian church Köpec 9.50 16.00 clock reformed church Miklósvár 10.30 clock Kálnoky castle garden Középajta 11.45 16.00 clock reformed church Nagyajta 12.45 clock New and old school Bölön 13.20 clock Central Park Hidvég 14.00 16.00 clock reformed church Erősd 14.45 16.00 clock reformed church Előpatak 15.30 clock Central park Because we are going to visit more places, our arrival is written approximately. For eventual late please apologize us.

Autor: Kis Emese project coordinator.