Ping Pong Diaries

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I have never played games such as table tennis because I did not have time for games, sports and different activities due to my busy work and university pace, and this was a big deficiency for me. In addition, the fact that these activities were very expensive in my country was another problem.

Because of my love for dance, I could only go to dance class by sacrificing my sleep. In this city and within the scope of this project, we play various games such as table tennis and badminton, and we do this regularly 2 times a week. It's a huge privilege for me, people here have made it a way of life.

I played table tennis for the first time and I loved it! I see that I am improving myself day by day and most importantly, I am enjoying it a lot. We are constantly changing partners during the game, so I can see how many people play and have the opportunity to improve myself more. Definitely the best part of this project is to organize activities for our social life. It is a great privilege to be active in social life and to be involved in more than one sport, not just career and status. I am proud to be doing this, I am very motivated to learn more sports and I thank everyone who gave us these opportunities.

Atatürk, the founder of my country, has a very good saying. 'Sağlam kafa sağlam vücutta bulunur. ' That's why for me the secret to a successful and happy life is to move your body, keep your mind active. You can avoid many diseases with your active life, most importantly if you have a stressful life (like mine) the best thing for you is a new activity. It could be a sport, a game, a dance...

Stay healthy!

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