The rehabilitation of the park Molnar Jozsias.

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On May 12 at the headquarter of Green Sun Association was presented the rehabilitation project of Molnár Józsiás central park in the town Kézdivásárhely by Ráduly Attila, association president Katalin Derzsi project coordinator, Krisztina Ramneantu urbanist and Ötvös Boglárka from press office of Municipality. Photos from the conference are available on the association's Facebook page.

Partnership Foundation and MOL Romania announced this year for the 10th consecutive time the Green Spaces program in which Green Sun association in partnership with the Municipality and the Women Association from Kézdivásárhely accessed funding worth 9,000 lei, which consist in the rehabilitation of Molnar Józsiás city park. Last year association with Community Foundation and the Municipality of Kézdivásárhely between the program Bike for a good aim mounted a fitness park in the favorite place of city residents, and this year by the grant obtained through the Green Spaces will rehabilitate the Molnar Jozsiás park with environmentally friendly methods. "The emphasis is on the back of the park. These activities are changing the plastic rubbish bins on ones made by wood. The organization of extracurricular activities for children, when we install eight bird feeders that can be taken by students from different schools. "- said Katalin Derzsi. The project coordinator also said that until this moment the IX A Class from Bod Péter School has indicated its intention to take care of the feeders and take care for the birds during winter time. Also during the project will be installed a panel with the birds of the park and also will be published a booklet about the park. The Municipality will change the fence surrounding the field of play by one made from wood. But most interesting part maybe is to provide a mini-amphitheater at the rear of the park in front of concrete masonry. "As a first step we mount wooden trellises where we plant shade plants varied with wood inserts and the seating place of the amphitheater will be made from logs. In addition it will be planted various climbing plants "- said Krisztina Ramneantu. Originators try to include in the program as much they can the community, convinced that things done by civilians are prized so the green island created will not be victim to vandalism. The total project budget is 14221 lei from which 9,000 lei the grant. The park is expected to be rehabilitated till end of August. Article published on the website of Profi radio. Author: Tibor Kertész Photo: Clara Sanchez Bejarano