Repair life

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Kindergarten, school, University, work, family, pension, cemetery…

A very dull list of the" most important things " in this life. Have you ever thought about changing something? And what did you do for this? The correct answer for most is nothing, or pathetic attempts.

I took the first but very important step towards to change. I came to Romania for the EVS project. Every day there are different events that fill my life with new emotions and bright colors.

One of such bright events is an intermediate MTM training in Brasov. For 3 days, many of my thoughts turned upside down thanks to the people who were around all this time. I got a kick that makes me act.

23 people from Turkey, France, Georgia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Armenia and Russia. With different levels of English. With its worldview and character, its rules and ideas. Team work was able to bring us together and reveal our best features to each other. For 3 days we were able to put together what has already happened to us in the project and what will happen. Sorted on shelves the purposes. We talked about the problems that have been and are in our projects and ways to solve them. Set itself new tasks.

The intermediate training helped me to analyze what has already been and what remains to be done. Metehan Kalem, Mahmut Durkal, Büşra Çelik, Manuel Tenreiro Diaz Sirgo, Julia Meixoeiro, Irene Álvarez Borge,  Özge Sönmez,  Paula Olivares,  Antonella Castellaneta, Ani Gelashvili,  Nursemin Çelikkaya, Baptiste Roger, Burak Karasoy, Cansu Karadeniz, Özgür Fidan,  Nefise Uyanık, Francesco Pluchino, Oguzhan Bolat,  Luke Sutiashvili, Edit Sahakyan,  Paolo Vitale, Constança Soares Seborro - each of these guys helped to realize something new. I was convinced that the Turks and the French are really my good friends and we have a good relationship. Georgians and Armenians, no matter what, will help and support, and even remember Russian words that know to explain what does not fit in my head. Spaniards, Italians and Portuguese are great guys you will never get bored with them! They are boiling and raging energy.

This intermediate training and these wonderful people helped me to understand that we should not be afraid of changes and ourselves. When you repair your life, do not forget about the bright colors and beautiful mates with whom the repair will take place, perhaps longer, but I'm sure much more fun!

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