The second Georgian National Event

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Green Sun Association organized the Georgian National Event on 1st of April 2021. It took place at Vigadó Cultural House. The aim of the Georgian National Event was to give information about Georgia. The event was held in English.Translation was provided from English to Hungarian by Sebestyén Henrietta. Photos taken during the event are available on the Facebook page of the association.

The Georgian National Event was started with presentation under Vigadó Cultural House’s host. Audiences got information about Georgian’s culture,history,economy ,heritages etc.The presentation were followed by introduction and traditional dance videos of Georgia. After that Ana Jgerenaia, Georgian volunteer, read a poem სილაჟვარდე ანუ ვარდი სილაში writen by Galaktion Tabidze. The Georgian National Event were finished by a small quiz. The quiz was made up of  5 questions about the presentation. Among the audiences who got the highest score got awarded by Green Sun Association. According to Beata Speight “I found it very interesting. Specially the bit about parents giving the book and chess to their daughter when they get married. Obviously that 1 hour wasn't enough to learn all about the country or culture but definitely enough to make me interested in it. and Kriszta Ferencz “I loved the Georgian event so much because in this way I can learn about different countries’ tradition.It was so fun and interesting when we made a small quiz about the presentation.’’and Tóth Karola “The Georgian event was so fun, I liked so much the mentimeter game. It's a good idea for getting people attention. The flag that we painted on our hand was so awesome.’’

Author: Ayten Kurnaz