Spring Green Days organized on the 24.-26. of April 2015

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From 24. till 26. April, the Green Sun Association organized the sixth time the Spring Green days, with different partners from Kézdivásárhely. The different partners who helped the Green Sun Association were the Local Government, the Gosp Com company and the Sport Office. There were different programs for the whole weekend: Collecting rubbish, moving afternoon, planting trees, observation of the stars, different presentations. On the whole weekend participated around 300 people. Also the weather was very good for the events. Photos from the whole event can be seen on the Facebook page of the association.

Programs on Friday: The first program „collecting the rubbish“ started early in the morning, everybody who wanted to help were meeting at 8.30 o'clock in front of the Vigadó. In this event our partners were the Local government and the Gosp-Com company. There came two different groups of schools, so overall we had around 70 people, who helped us to collect the rubbish. The people were splited in two groups, one group collected the rubbish in Szászfalú and the other group collected the rubbish on the other part of the city. After the collecting, everybody who participated got at the a meal. The moving afternoon was the second program and it started at 17.30 o'clock. Our partner for this event was the sport office. We had a „bike competition“ the aim of it was „who is the slowest“. There participated around 50 people with different ages. They splited the people in groups, depending on their age that it was for everybody fair. From every group the three best got a diploma and a medal, and the winner of the different groups got prices for example; lights for the bikes or a skateboard. We organized also again the treasure hunt, molky, and the children had also the chance to make drawings on the floor. Between the bike competition and the treasure hunt, there were again the dance-group, and the people had also the chance to participate. In the whole moving afternoon have been around 110 people, so it was good.

Programs on Saturday: At 11.00 o'clock we were meeting next to the sport stadium, to plant new trees and give the other trees and bushes on the field water. Our partner were again the sport office. In this event around 35 people helped us. The type of the trees are linden, and we planted overall 10 trees. The „Woman Association“ brought for us during this event some different cakes, that was very nice. In the night we had another program about Astronomy, it started at 10.00 o'clock next to the sport motel. The men who showed us this, is the vice-president of Transylvanian Hungarian Astronomical Association,‏ his name is Nagy István. He told us some interesting thing about the Astronomy and later we had the chance to watch the moon and the stars/planets trough a telescope. Around 40 people with different ages were participating on this event.

Programs on Sunday: On Sunday the program started at 11.00 o'clock in the sport motel. There were five different presentations: 1.) Nagy István - vice-president of Transylvanian Hungarian Astronomical Association; he spoke about the basics of meteorology. 2.) Zonda Balász – director of Gosp Com company; he spoke about the waste management in Kézdivásárhely. 3.) Madarasi Csilla – contributor of Europe Direct office; she spoke about Natura 2000 and protected areas in Covasna county‏ After that three presentations there was a short break, where the people had the chance to drink coffee, tea or water and to eat cookies. 4.) Forró Béla – president of Szekler dog club; he spoke about how to be a responsible dog owner‏. 5.) Furus Levente - president of Turulmadár Youth office; he spoke about EVS and other voluntary things, and also he bring brochures about voluntary to give for the people. This were the programs of the whole weekend, and we had a lot of participants! Author: Melissa Öller ‏