Think green, camp with us

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From the 1st of July until 3rd of July Hodor Enikő volunteer of Green Sun Association organized the "Think green, camp with us" event for children in Csernáton. The 23 participants came from 4 different schools, and from the age of 7 – 14 years. Photos from the event are available on association Facebook page.

There were every day different programs: Every morning at 7 o'clock they started with gymnastics, after that they had the breakfast, then collected wood from the forest for the fire, collected plants to make tea, and they learned about the different plants. There were also different stations where the children can practice music, read, write letters, and draw beautiful pictures.. Every day also the children helped to cut the wood, and prepare for the cooking. One day they organized a championship: they made 5 different groups, than they had to make different tasks.. for example: the mölkky game, dress and undress game (they had to dress a pullover and a jacket and than undress it, all so fast as they can ), a quiz, and a game of cooperation. One time, they collected stones from the river and painted it, at the end the stones looked really nice. On Friday there was organized a talent show, and the children had to show in what they are good. They showed different dances and feats, and one group played with the guitar and sang. They had nice ideas. Also they were invited to the inauguration celebration of the water mill and touristic center‏. It was a funny and a adventurous camp. At the last day around 17 o'clock the children were picked up from their parents. Author: Melissa Öller