The visit in the mushroom-farm

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On Saturday the 6th September 2014 a few members from the Green Sun Association went to the mushroom-farm, to see how grow the mushrooms. Szőcs Csongor‏ is the owner of the mushroom-farm. He showed us all about the mushrooms and we could ask him a lots of things about the mushrooms. Photos from the event can be viewed on the Facebook page of the Green Sun Association. If you want see more pictures from the mushrooms here is the link:

The first method is in the bags: He starts making compost with straw, cut it in little parts and mixed it with a warm water. The compost will protect the mushrooms against bacteria. After that he mix the mycelium with the compost and put it in a bag and makes some holes, that the mushroom can grow out of the bag. After that he puts the bags in a small room with a temperature of 12-18 degrees, this temperature is very good for the mushrooms. In this room the bags stay 15-25 days. After that they grow in a big tent, because they need fresh air and sometimes a little bit of light, so that they can grow in four or five days. The second method is in the nature: He makes some holes in trees trunks, and put wheat and mycelium on it. The mushrooms from the nature have another color as the mushrooms in the bag. They are sometimes blue and sometimes black. If you want buy some mushrooms from his farm you can find him in the traditional market, every second Saturday. The visit to the mushroom-farm was for me very interesting, now I know how the mushrooms grow.

— Melissa Öller