Volunteering in Poland (EVS)

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Hi ! I am Maria from Iasi, I am 25 years old and I am currently an EVS volunteer in Poland for one whole year. The project takes place in Gdynia, a city located in the north of Poland. The organization for which I am working is called VITAVA and its main activity consists of supporting and helping children from all ages, some of them coming from families with problems, in different aspects, like doing their homework, organizing some entertaining activities, and the communication with these children is a main aspect in the organization’s every-day work. In all these above-mentioned activities fits also my project and my main duties. I help children with their homework, mainly at English and mathematics. I also play different games with them and we often draw together, trying to create stories with invented characters by us. During holidays, we went together around Gdynia, every day in a different place, like museums, cinema, or to the beach during summer. I have other ideas for the future and I am looking forward to putting them into practice. This experience that I have had in Poland since I arrived 9 months ago, has been life-changing for me. Getting in touch with volunteers from other countries, but also with Polish people, determined me to become more aware about what is happening in the world and I now look different at the social, economical, and political issues that I am surrounded by. At the same time, I am discovering every day Romania, by sharing my culture with other people. Working with children is not easy. In my case, it’s the first time I’m doing this and I can say that so far everything was a real adventure. Every day I am learning something new. Every day these little people give me something treasurable. I definitely recommend this experience to everyone.

Author: Oprea Maria