We and our mountains

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On October 31 we (Me – Davit and Lilit) were in a mountains. Maybe you will ask so what? This was not an ordinary hiking. In every year, on October 31, local people are going to mountains for making huge fire, praying and singing traditional songs and anthems. While doing this they can see also another local people in other mountains doing the same thing, which is making fire.

As I understood they are doing this for making kind of ‘circle’, to show to the universe that they are one and strong community and they keep their traditions.

I am very gratefull for this event to Emese (Lilit’s mentor), and his brother Zoltán, because they invited us and took there with their car.

I met there a lot of new people, we had very interesting topics, we discussed our cultures and even found some simmilarities, and the most important we drunk pálinka (traditional Hungarian drink) and wine, also we tried michi, which is a dish made from pork.

So this was a very interesting day, with full of new experineces.

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