Welcomed to winter. Teambuilding!

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30 of November and 1th of December Green Sun Association organized a team building activity in Bálványos resort. 17 members/volunteers of association had an opportunity to have fun and to spend 1 day with each other. Photos during the training are available on the Facebook page of the association

This time EVS volunteers didn't help to organize because about games shouldn't know nobody from team. First day we had a walk, after we did lunch and started the activities. The first activity was about ourselves. The members had to guess who is who when they read descriptions about each other. After was organized one team game when we were split in 5 teams. At night also were played a lot of board games.
Of course we had breaks too. That time we went to restaurant drink a coffee and spoke with each other. I guess the main aim of teambulding that is. To make volunteers closer with each other. What's a pity after 3 months we are leaving Romania..((. There is nothing better when in early morning you are opening eyes and see that all around you is covered with white cover snow. So the first day of winter was like this. And we did one small tracking. That was for short time and we didn't got tired a lot. Transylvanian forest in winter is amazing. All like in fairy-tail. White-white forest, animals steps.
After lunch we came back to Kézdi.

Author: Zhenya Ohanyan