When life gives you lemons, make lemonade (2)

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... the first thing that struck my eye was kind and responsive people. One of them (a station worker) agreed to look after our stuff until the bus arrived. We had for about six hours and we decided to go on foot to explore the city. Of course, it wouldn't have been us if we hadn't decided to eat something first. One of the most vivid memories from this trip. We ordered as much as if there would be a whole banquet, We drank wine, the mood was rising, we started laughing more and more, telling stories. It was our first dinner together, it was hard to imagine that we didn't know each other until that day. We was laughing as hard as if we had known each other for a long time.

After a "light" dinner, swearing that we would not eat for another week, we decided to walk around the city and finally see the beauty here. We were said that there are several Armenian places in the city and we, as serious people and real Patriots, went there. It was an Armenian cemetery. The night, silence and we.

On the way back, we bought more sweets, tried to find a bus that would take us to the train station, and already at the train station we sat on a bench and although none of us have an ear fo music, we started singing different songs from our childhood, from the childhood of our parents, dancing as if no one was looking at us and laughing heartily. The day flew by unnoticed, we had a lot of vivid memories and also we found a united team. And although it took about two days and a lot of boundaries  to get to Romania, we have only bright memories.

Once again I became convinced that happiness is not an accident but a choice. As they say, if life has prepared lemons for you, make lemonade out of them.

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