Why volunteering is special How I got into the rays of the “Green Sun”

A few years ago the "My Clothes for Your Clothes" campaign took place in a nearby sports hall, which I considered a great idea, and I learned there that it was organized by the Green Sun Association. My next meeting with the association was taking part in a performance given by a foreign volunteer of the association at the time, who was presenting his own country and people to a large audience in Vigadó Cultural House.

I really enjoyed the evening and I highly appreciated that it was in English, yet everyone had access to what was presented there through the interpretation of Katalin Derzsi, project manager of the association. From that on, I was looking forward to participating in most of the association’s programs for the public.

The next opportunity soon came, with free French language classes at the association’s headquarters, held weekly by another volunteer from France, who proved to be a very skilled language teacher. I was also pleased to have this opportunity, as I was able to update and practice my English and French skills here, and it also helped me to better understand my students in my language teaching profession by being present as a student in these classes. In addition, I gained a lot of new acquaintances and, moreover, I could be a new classmate with my old disciples. It was a special experience. I think this language learning was a great experience and a useful pastime for the other participants as well. I felt extremely grateful to the association for having such a great opportunity.

I decided to try my best as a volunteer to help this association in a way. This was how I applied to them as an “outside volunteer” and was happy because I was accepted into the community at their first meeting and was given tasks at once that I successfully faced further on. My first ‘public work’ in the city sports hall was to prepare for a photo competition prize-giving event. We had to frame pictures and put them on the walls while talking, joking, and getting to know each other. By this time I was able to learn how they organize a great activity and see the driving force of the association. I became more and more convinced that there is a great “machine” here, with extremely useful, wide-ranging activities, led by a well-trained, tolerant, people-oriented, broad-minded, purposeful presidency. I was sure that I had applied for the best possible place if I wanted to do something for someone based on global ideas, and also contribute to the protection of our place of residence, our environment, educating and helping our fellow human beings, and preserving our health and well-being.

In all of this, my actual pedagogical profession proved to be a great help, through which I was able to bring the uplifting, helping spirit of the association into the community of my school. I was pleased to see how willing my students were to get involved in the activities organized by the Green Sun Association at school. At the same time, the students enthusiastically participated in the association's foreign and domestic camps, from where they returned home with extraordinary experiences. I cannot fully list here how many special actions I have taken part in the association’s activities over the last four years, which has never lacked the fun, the cultural background, the cohesion, the will, the love of humanity. I would sum it up perhaps by saying that yes, it is worthwhile, and honorable at the same time.

In a nutshell it is so great to be a member of this association! I experienced things I would never have been able to do without them. They are nurtured with great feelings and knowledge that all human sons need in their lives today and in the future.

I am pleased to see that membership is expanding faster and faster and the fact that more young people are joining the association, both foreign and domestic. This also proves that they are doing “something” great. Finally, I wish the presidency and all the dear members of the association perseverance, good health, never-slowing momentum, good humor, uplifting success, and that neither virus nor anything else gets in the way of anyone in achieving their goals.

Be brave, volunteers! Stay in the life-giving ray of the Green Sun Association for a long time!

Margit Turóczy, volunteer