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Just yesterday we realized that, left only 4 month till the end of the project. Time flies so fast ...

A lot of things happened after my last blog, probably you also follow my vlogs on you tube and have a little bit fun while watching them. Today I'm going to speak about holydays and an "another Christmas" which I celebrated first in my life. Christmas on 25th of December. And today, on 7th of January Orthodox Christians in Georgia celebrate Christmas. This is one of my favorite day of the year. On 6th of January we meet in the Church and persons who stays at home exactly on 00:00, midnight they light the candles next to the windows as a sign that they are ready to receive Christ into their hearts and home. This night is very beautiful by its meaning and you can see whole houses with lighting candles and behind it faces full of the hope and love. 

Merry Christmas to you all.

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