Kocsis Zoltán summary

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Since years I see, observ, experience, that we, people generate a huge amount of garbage. We contaminate the air, our clean waters and the ground as well. I am convinced, that God entrusted to us the Earth, with the purpose, that we cultivate and guard it. If we do not change our lifestyles and we do not convince our environment of the need of change, we will be in great trouble. In a few years we will not have clear drinking water, and will not be able to enjoy the clear air in flushing in your lungs, because the contamination will be present in the whole atmosphere. The fields filled chemical fertilizers cannot produce tasty and healthy fruits and vegetables, consuming of the meat of animals grown on pet food and antibiotics will not generate us pleasure. We have to do something until it is not too late! We can step up for the protection of our environment most effectively, if we join our power. Then we will be powerful and many people will hear our voice, seeing our actions more and more people will live in environmental awareness. In 2009 in Kézdivásárhely (Targu Secuiesc) the Green Sun Association was founded, where I became a member of the association. I believe, that it is worth to activate in this non profit organization, to work in this team day by day. We advertise weekly during our programs and events, that it is worth to aspire to good things and it is not too late to start a „green” life. I recommend my friends, family and everybody, who reads these rows, that they do something starting today in the interest of that we can live on Earth in 20 years from now. If anybody believes, that he/she agrees with our goals, principles, he/she is welcome in our team. Do not delay, we have to join our power, to protect our nature, environment, because we will be brought to book for.