Zsofi Goes EVS - It's Festival Season!

One of the best things about summer are undoubtedly the festivals. I love going to festivals in Hungary so I was very glad that I could get to go to some here, too. Especially, that the Zöld Nap Association (including me) was invited to all these programs.

It all started with the Christian Family Festival (CSAKIS) where we facilitated handcraft workshops and treasure hunt for the kids, then we went to two festivals both organized for the youth but for different segments. EMI Camp with ancient Hungarian and Transylvanian tradionalist values and the Rakpart Festival with supercool lakeside location and with ambitious young Transylvanian bands. During these two occasions the Association facilitated a round table discussion about the recycling and the green lifestyle. It was quite relieving to see that the youth has sufficient knowledge and the motivation about this topic. I just hope that they will be conscious enough not to be tempted by the call of comfort like so many other people (okay, frankly, also me sometimes).

To summarize it , it's been quite a busy period (this is why I did not have time to do vlog) but I indeed enjoyed it and looking forward to the last week of my EVS.

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