Lots of new things to learn - it's great! :D

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Now I'm here since a month and I enjoying the time so much. I like the village it's so nice and I like the Green Sun Association and the People that I had met, they are all very nice. Every day it gives a lots of things to do, and we learning so much new things, it's very good. Okay so I will tell you some things what I have done the last two weeks. Photoshop Presentation: Last tuesday we had in the Green Sun Association office a photoshop presentation with Gyorgyjakab Boroka. I have never worked in my life with photoshop, so it was new for me. She explained it us very good, so it was not so heavy. It was very interesting and I like it. I'm very proud of me that I can now working with photoshop and I hope I can make a lots of posters. :) City days: The City days were so fantastic I liked it very much. At Friday we got so beautiful dresses from the organisation, so I made me and the two other girls the hairstyle and then we went in the centre. The next day we had a cooking event it started at 10:00 o'clock. All of us three cooked something from her country. I decided to make a meat with cabbage and Mehlknödel and I was so happy that it was good to eat. But this day was a little bit stressful. At the Evening we went a little bit out, to seeing the concerts. Sunday the last day of the city days we went to the traditional market and later we listened the concerts. The last band was very good, I liked it very much. Brasov: The next to days we had our free time. I decided to go on Tuesday to Brasov with Henrietta Sebestyen. After we arrived in Brasov, we looked for the old centre, we went a lots until we had found it. In the old centre we went in the shops and after we went to the black church. Unfortunately the day was very fast over. We had so much fun and I liked this city its very beautiful and big. Hungarian-lessons: I'm so happy that we have the chance to learn hungarian and we have so a nice teacher I think we can learn a lots from her. I hope in a few months I can speak with the people in hungarian, now I can speak just a few sentences and the numbers, but I will learn more and more than I can speak a lot. It's a little bit hard language but it's my pleasure to learn this language. I love to learn languages. Siculus radio and newspaper: On wednesday I had a interview in the Siculus radio at 11:00o o'clock. I was soooo nervous. But now I'm thinking that it was good because it's the first steps to lose my shyness and that 's for me a very important goal. After the radio we had an interview with a newspaper and it was also good. I like it, that we learn so much new things, that we need also for the future, because we will be remember it in our whole life. It is so fantastic. Now I will stop to writing, I hope it was interesting what I had wrote. And in two weeks I will be write my next blog. :) Szia :)

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