Every day life on a EVS in Green Sun Association

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Today I decided to explain you my every day routine for you to know what kind of schedule do I have. First you have to know that usually we have 2 days free by week : Sunday and Monday. Sometimes it is changing when we have an event on Sunday. My schedule changes everyday (i like this very much) depending on events, other people schedules and sometimes the weather. We have an on-line agenda that is filled by our coordinator. Most of the time, my activity start around 9 or 10 in the morning so it is very casual. We have a break for lunch around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Then we have another work time in the afternoon. The activity which came back often are : -Hungarian lesson : 2/weeks -sport : 1/weeks -meeting with mentors : 2/month -blog writing : 2/month -GSA meeting : 2/month -poster making : for each event -article and photo : for each event Moreover : visiting partner organization , organization special event, cleaning the office, press conference. If you are reading me, and if you want to come on a EVS in this organization, don't hesitate to mail me ! Have a green day !

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