The assessment of a quarter of a year

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It's been 3 month that I'm here. Let's do a little assessment of my life in Kezdi. The things which were awesome : - the 2 first weeks, Where we were discovering everything, It's was sunny and hot. Everybody were so welcomed (don't worry they are still !) - the support or the GSA team : The member are very available for us, they listen to our problem, help us to solve it. It's feel like we are in a family. We take car for each other. I hope one day I will be able to help them back. - discovering Romanian/szecler culture and try to understand they way of seeing things. - the amazing landscape of Romania The thing which were hard : - on the top of the top : the Language barrier ! I didn't expected to be so hard to learn Hungarian, and I didn't expected also to feel bad about not understanding everyday conversation. - to live in a small city : I have never lived in a city so isolated from "urban culture" and furthermore with the cultural difference, sometime it's difficult for me to accept this way of life. Activities are changing in GSA. Because of the winter we are starting to organize inside activity. I like it because we can promote our own ideas. But I'm willing to see how winter work in this city ! I also started to teach French ans it's so hard to be a teacher ! I'm trying to discover as much as possible Romania. The time is flying by and I'm afraid that at the end of my EVS I will have known only a small part of the country ! So I am enjoying as much as possible now !

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