The language barrier

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Since the language barrier is one of my biggest issues during my EVS, I have decided to write about it. Before i came here, I was thinking that it will be difficult to learn Hungarian. But in my imagination, after 3 month, I was thinking that I will be able to understand a common conversation. Today, I think that I'm doing real progress but still I don't understand a common conversation. And to get understood it's even more difficult. Today I had a Hungarian exam. [I don't believe in exam. I hate to have a grade. And one exam is never the exact truth about your knowledge.] But this morning, I get that i wasn't very good at all. I really want to learn Hungarian and also Romanian. The gap between people and culture is udge when you don't understand anything : you always in need of someone to translate, it's hard to meet people, people are afraid to speak to you, you are always afraid that somebody is talking about you in your back, buying something is an all adventure ! Here, my best communication skill is to smile, but sometimes I just look stupid. I'm tired of this a lot and I hope that at the end of my EVS i will be able to understand a common conversation. Hopefully, I have met some awesome people who are here for us and are able to help us, teach us, and translate us in order for us not to feel rejected by this culture. A very big thank you for everyone who will recognize himself or herself in this description !

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