Feel the beats of the Life! ;)

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If you are happy with the little things in your life, it will be a good life. I love the Music. I think music is very important in the life, sometimes it helps to remember good moments and if you have a bad day, listening your favourite music and it will be better. So let's try to feel the beat from the music and dance. ;) It's funny, because always before I write the blog, I'm thinking, okay what should I write now, but than I start to write how I'm feel here and what is my inspiration. Now the music is my inspiration. Since three weeks I go to zumba, and i learn a lot of new dances. Last time we had the halloween party, so everybody came in a costume or with orange clothes, and our teacher made for this Zumba lesson a very strong program. At the end we got muffins and we made pictures. :D I like the Zumba lessons and there are very friendly people. I'm so happy. Now I have already found some friends and we meet sometimes to go for a drink, or we go to partys. It's always funny. I like this city, it's so nice. Some people say it's to small but I can not understand why, because for me it's not so a small city. Maybe because I live in Austria in a very small village and it's always a little bit boring. But here it's fantastic. I go very often out for a walk, to enjoy this nice place. One thing here is not so good, here live a lot of homeless dogs, it makes me sad, because I love dogs and when I see them so alone and nobody takes care of them, it hurts my heart. Last Friday we went to the Manna shelter house here in Kézdivásárhely. We met there a group of cute children from the age of 6 years until 12 years. We played with them games and they liked it a lot. It was very funny. At the end, when we have planned to go, all the children came to me and hold my hands because they don't wanted that I go away, it was soo cute. I like them a lot, they are so nice. Than we told them that we will go there every friday and they were very happy about this. It change every week, one week we make games with them and the other week we teach them a little bit to speak english. I think it will be nice afternoons. Today we had an Hungarian exam, I hope I have not so much mistakes. But now I will learn again a little bit that I can speak soon the hungarian language. Tanulok magyar. :) Have a nice day/week! :) Szia

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