Diary of an alien II

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I´m back… I know what you´re thinking. I was supposed to be back to my planet but there is too much amazing things here to ignore them. I guess I´m starting to like the humanity, even some of the humans are just crazy. I saw Clara showing the tongue to a small and shy boy in the ping pong and he got red and turned back… just to turn back again to show to her the tongue also. I saw also a small girl running toward Melissa just to hug her, with the eyes full of light, also in the sport center. I can see with Clara´s eyes the birds coming inside the balcony… a small grey and yellow bird… and a sleepy owl in a branch of a tree in the park. I saw so much things… like when this two crazy girls are in the street walking and start to make the sounds of the sheeps just to laugh and see how the people turn back searching the sheep. The girls are working also in a shelter for kids to help them with English. They playing with the small girls, making tickles and laughing, the light in their eyes… humans use to say “magic”, and probably is one of the closest words to describe it, even if I don’t understand very well the concept of magic. I can feel the fresh air riding the bike, I can see the colourful landscapes when they go out, I enjoy the smiles and hugs, so much things… I´m thinking about to talk with Clara seriously and make a deal. I know she is working with her hands making toys for the kids and other different things like origami frogs and birds. I will make her the purpose of a cooperation: I take the control of her hand to enjoy the life and I will work with her. Is a good deal I think, not always you can find an alien wanting to cooperate. Normally they use to have the bad habit to invade and kill everything… but now thinking… humans are the same. Maybe we are far relatives? And by the way I can take advantage and talk with the dogs about their revolution against the humans… ehhhh don’t look at me like that, I am an alien, is innate on me this kind of things. But really they live for the benefit of humans and that’s not so funny… maybe I become the liberator of the dogs from the humanity? Mmmmm sounds soo good… Melissa is a good ally I think because she is always feeding the street dogs. Ok I have to talk with Clara. I just hope she understand me because I don’t know what is worst… my Spanish, my English… or my face. She is going to die from a heart attack for sure… I will prepare a chair. Wish me luck!!

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