Winter where are you ?

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The clima is changing as everything on this world. The four seasons dying slowly out and thats very sad, not only for us also for the animals, because a lot of them will die and thats not good! I'm so confused, because the weather here is soo crazy, one day is very warm, one day is cold and rainy, but there is nowhere a snow. I'm not really a big fan of the winter because its cold and it getting very early dark in the evening, but I want have a winter, not too long but for a little time, I want to have snow. I want build a snowman and skiing and ice skating, but without snow it's impossible. Soo please Snow come soon, I want to see how is the winter here in Romania, maybe it's almost the same like in Austria, or maybe colder and more snow. :) The next point is, I have next Tuesday my Austria National event. I hope it will be good and the people like it. I'm sooooo nervous and scared, it's very hard for me to speak for a lot of people but I will try it, and I hope my face will be not very red „thihi“, because that's happens very often when I'm very nervous. So If somebody is interested, to get know a little bit more about Austria, than you should come and enjoy it. ;) Now I have a lot of work, to preparing everything for this Event. Now I'm here since four months. Unfortunately it's already November, the time is running soooo fast, that makes me very sad. Can i stop the time or make it slower please ? I know that it is not possible but it would be better when the time is passing not so fast. In one month christmas is coming, and we have holidays and go home, but my feelings are mixed. I'm looking forward to see my family and friends, it will be very good to see them again, but for the other things I don't really looking forward. I'm soo happy here in this city and I'm feeling so comfortable thats great, because everyday I learn new things. I met a lot of people since I'm here, and the most are very friendly and so helpful to each other, thats so nice. I found friends here and I have a lot of fun with them. I enjoy the time. :) But I met also some other People, who have been not very friendly, when they hear that somebody speaks another language than them, maybe they are envious or I don't know what kind of problems they have, but this kind of people makes me angry. I'm learning hungarian but it's not so easy to learn a new language and it needs time to learn „sorry“. Maybe this kind of people don't know this, because they never have learned another language, it's okay, but then please be quiet and don't be so unpolite to foreign people! There are only a few people who are like this, thats the good thing. The best thing is to ignore them. Believe in Yourself, Push your Limits, Experience Life, Conquer your Goals, and be HAPPY :D I wish you all a good day and try to be happy! :) Szia

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