The last blog of the year!

It´s 18 of December, year 2014. Christmas is in the next corner… and that means to go back home for holiday!! I can’t wait. I think I´m going to arrive to Valencia´s airport and I am going to be jumping around all the way, and laughing hysterically in the bed. I will pick the dog and get lost in the mountains with him. I´m in love. I am in love when I wake up in the morning and have breakfast with any fantastic song, so charming. I am in love when I go to the bar to take a tea, talk with the boy I like, and work a little bit relaxing. I am completely in love when a bird come inside the balcony, and I stay absolutely without moving and smiling. And you know the stupid face we put when we are in love. This days are being a little bit intense for me. Lot of things are happening… one day I´m going to die because of my heart… is going to jump from my body and going away somewhere to be more relaxed. Apart of this, we did not too much things different. We have been teaching the girls from the shelter (they are so cute!), moving afternoon (twister!)…. Ah! Yes, we have done also the Green Christmas. I did homemade caramels… but it wasn´t exactly what I wanted to be, but is ok. This time I don´t have too much things to say. But probably the next will be full of histories. Migi, the alien, want to say hello. And I wish you all Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad!!

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