A Spanish family in the lands of Transilvania

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A father and a mother will be always that. Father and mother of someone, and for them their children will be always that. Children. It can be a bold 35 years old men with a beer belly and for his mother it will continue being his children. I was feeling like this this last week. My parents and my aunt came for holydays to visit me and suddenly I was feeling again like if I have 10 years. They don’t want to realize that the children is not anymore a children, and is exhausting, really. But is also a good thing, is good to feel loved. Anyway I was not the only one “children” in the story, because they were like children for me playing in a new country for them. It was funny to see them talking to everyone in Spanish. Go inside the shop and say “Hola, Buenos días”… but they know how to say in English! Also I teach them in Hungarian and Romanian but just they don’t even wanted to make the effort. So I was a translator with legs for them. And… anyway most of the times they don’t even listen too so… we got lost few times with the car just because they were saying they understood what the people said to guide us. After they went back to Spain I spend two days with Csaba and his family. I would like to kidnap him and bring with me everywhere I go. It was a nice days. Today is the first day of work to me after the holyday. We went to the school in fact, to work with the childrens. And is time also to continue with the comic also in the next days. And… winter… he is still here camping in the streets of Romania… everything looks so pale in winter. I never had this sensation before in Spain, but of course is nothing to compare this winter with that one. In almost 3 months and half the EVS will finish and we will be leaving the country. Is even more scaring than leaving your own country to come here. At least for me is going to be much more difficult because of the things I will leave behind and the things I will have to face in the front. But that’s the meaning of the life, to continue moving on.

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