The adventure begins

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When you are about to take that plane which is going to leave you far away for a long time, is when you realize about all the things that you are going to miss during this experience, and all about every person who you won’t see for a long time, but you also feel so excited for all things that you are going to discover and learn about one place very different that the one you’re used to. When I finally received the definitive yes, after a long wait (The first time, the project was refused for lack of income, and I applied again because I always trusted in this project), my mind started to work harshly, trying to imagine how would be the new place, the new people, the language of that people, and in brief, how the things could work in the association that I would pass the next year. I met with Silvia, the other Spanish volunteer, at the airport, and when our plane finally took off, I felt strange, this one wouldn't be an ordinary trip, this time, the plane was carrying us to that place wich could change something in our mind and way of live forever. The last days has been a little bit busy, meeting new people, discovering the city and knowing how the association works. All the association members have helped us a lot during this days, taking care that everything was ok for us. I’m very grateful to them, especially to Attila and Katalin, they are very friendly and funny. The last days we have visited with them some schools and learned about the activities that we are going to take part and develop during this year. For me is especially interesting the aim of the association educating in sports and nature as life philosophy. For something our project is named “Let’s move”. The first feelings are being very good. About the city I must to say that it has surprised me a lot. It’s very old with a rich architectural heritage and lot of nice markets with fresh fruits and vegetables. About the language, it’s a little bit crazy that in the middle of Romania, most of people speak Hungarian. The reason is because the city belonged during more than 1000 years to the Astro-Hungarian empire and people feel more Hungarian than Romanian. Most of young people and members of the association speaks good English, so the communication is quite easy, but in the other hand, the rest of people doesn’t speak English, therefor I need to learn some Hungarian. And about the surroundings, it’s amazing living in the Carpathian Mountain’s heart. This area is a paradise for trekking and nature lovers. The followings days we are going to try to catch sight of a brown bear because there are a lot in this area, and the city futsal coach, has told us one good place to see some wild ones. For now I have to say goodbye. I'm looking forward to discover this amazing country and learn at the same time I enjoy this experience. Viszlát, és köszönöm

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