Time to bloom ladies!

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It's well known that flowers need light and water for grow and shine healthy and beautiful. Nowadays, the weather is a little bit crazy and the sun is rising strongly. So light is not the main problem for the flowers. Water is another thing. Some fields are a bit dries and also there are flowers which are very pleased if you put some water on them. So, when Easter arrives, a lot of beautiful “flowers” open their houses for receive some water from men.

Easter is a very colorful tradition. The tradition says that in Easter, the boys must put some water on the ladies to they bloom properly during spring. In some villages men use this tradition to get drunk, but in our case, the original sense is intact kept, although also someone can drink a little bit, some more, some less. I never in my life was involved in this tradition by this way. It was very funny and interesting thing visiting all the association girls that wanted to invite us to their home places.  By each male member of the association, every girl received some water and nice poems in change of some beautiful eggs that they painted with all their love. I’ll not forget to talk about the tasty cakes and sweets that we received in every home place and also the amazing time that we spent with every woman of the association. Is kind of tradition besides of eating and receiving cakes, drink something. And, when you are new, people try to show you the purest tradition, and the most traditional drink here is, as you well know, the Palinka. After the 3th Palinka, you learn fast that if you want to come back home for your own foot and with all the eggs without broken, you should stop. But when the language is a fence, you must develop some skills like the sign of putting your hands in the glass, because if not, the Palinka never ends. I am really grateful of members of the organization that allowed me to share this experience with them. Was really amazing. Besides the beautiful eggs and sweets, I got a bottle of Palinka in Pal Szusana house and one amazing siculorum heart in Peter Janos House. At first, the heart belonged to Silvia, but after the 5th Palinka, he told me that it was mine. Now looks wonderful in my room.

So, with the warm temperatures that we are having last days and with the water that we put on every girl, I think for sure that this spring, our association ladies will bloom more than ever.

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