Atlantic Ocean... come to me!

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Today is 28 May and I have a lot of bites in my body. I don’t know what happen with me, but when I came to Romania, in the first month a lot of fleas love my blood and now are the spiders or mosquitoes or I don’t know!!

These days I’m feel very good because we have a lot of plans for the next months and now vegetables are growing in our field.. so I’m waiting for summer to collect our crop. Last Sunday we did 54 km by bike, and we went to different villages near Kezdivasarhely so I felt very sportive and I want to continue with that, for example today I played football with a lot of children and was nice. Nowadays I have a new hobby (maybe is not that word) but I’m trying to learn more about origami, and one of the first things that I did was an octopus of course. Is good to teach children with green games and also to use recycle paper to do different figures and develop their mind.

Summer is coming but not all days I can feel that. This week rained a lot but some days we reached 25 degrees, the people here says that its not normal, so I hope that July and August will be nice.

Some people in Kezdi told us that Sta Ana Lake is very nice so I’m waiting the good weather to go and enjoy. That lake is the nearest beautiful place to swim and is a volcano crater. Bears are well known in the forests that surround the lake, two weeks ago we went to saw them in Balvanyos. The experience was amazing; we were just only 200 meters from them.

Second weekend of May Enrique and me met with Paula, Carmen and German (Spanish friends) in Budapest. I felt in love with that city and I hope to come back this year. Some crazy days, we didn’t sleep a lot and we went by bus during almost 14 hours go and others 14 hours come back to Kezdi.

Just know I’m very excited, I will go to Vienna last week of June to enjoy and live one of my dreams and feel how it comes true to see and listen David Gilmour!! (I’m sure that my father will be jealous) I will write him before the concert so I will express my excitement when the day will be near.

Now I need to go to celebrate our future plan with one Csíki (Hungarian Beer).


Bye bye, 


(Shine on you crazy diamond)


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